Klever Update 4.0.9 also introduces new Swap pairs for LTC, DGB, DOGE & Dash, Travala (AVA) token support and new option to display all values in 167 different national fiat currencies in Klever App. The Klever update is available for download for both Android and iOS.

Binance Chain and BNB coin support

Klever users worldwide can now earn 50% of their invited friends’ Swap fees with the launch of our Referral Program, which is now accessible in Klever’s new Update 4.0.8 that is available for download on both Android and iOS.

The Klever Referral Program Is Finally Here!

The principles of the Referral Program are very simple and gives anyone, anywhere in the world a great opportunity to earn a daily passive income through referral links by giving away 50% of all Swap fees for the first period.

Here are the simple steps on how to earn a daily passive income:

1. Download Klever App or update your Klever App to the latest version.

2. Open your Klever App

3. Go to Settings and click on “Invite friends”

4. Copy your link and share it with friends!

Simply make sure that your friends are downloading Klever to a…

Klever.io is excited to announce our new, simple and secure fiat-on ramp for KLV and other digital assets with low fees inside the Klever App through our partnership with industry-leader Simplex.

Klever and Simplex announce partnership to enable credit card purchases of KLV & other top cryptocurrencies inside the Klever App.

With the Simplex partnership and imminent integration, Klever users will soon be able to buy Klever’s native token KLV and dozens of other top cryptocurrencies directly and seamlessly with their fiat currency, utilizing credit and debit card payments as well as Simplex’s advanced anti-fraud engine. The leading payment processing platform throughout the world, Simplex gives users the ability to purchase crypto assets quickly and securely, no matter where they are.

Simplex’s integration, as well as seamless user experience, is unrivaled in the crypto industry, with the company having formed key partnerships with many of the largest trading platforms in the…

Klever.io, the 4th generation crypto wallet ecosystem with over 250k daily active users, have added DigiByte blockchain (DGB) to Hold, Send, Receive & Charge DGB seamlessly in Klever App.

Klever users have been requesting DGB support as a preferred blockchain and coin for a long time and DGB support is finally live. The addition of DGB is now available in app stores through Klever’s most recent Update 4.0.6, which is reportedly the largest and most comprehensive upgrade in the wallet’s 3-year history. Direct Swap pairs for DGB to and from BTC, TRX, ETH, USDT and Klever’s own token KLV will be going live shortly in Klever Swap.

DigiByte (DGB) is an open-source blockchain, created in 2014. DGB is often touted as truly decentralized, using five algorithms for its blockchain…

Klever.io’s new Update 4.0.6 is the largest and most comprehensive upgrade in the crypto wallet ecosystem’s 3-year history: The upgrade includes added support for Litecoin (LTC), DigiByte (DGB), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Dash blockchains; the new wrapped KBTC and KETH; new USDT-ETH Swap pairs; new Browser Home page design; and fiat-to-crypto on-ramp through a partnership with Transak.com. The new Klever update is available on Android and imminently on iOS.

Klever.io’s new update v.4.0.6 brings four new blockchains to the Klever wallet ecosystem as Litecoin (LTC), DigiByte (DGB), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Dash (DASH) blockchains and coins are now supported for secure storage, sending, receiving, and charging inside Klever. Direct Swap pairs for LTC, DGB, DOGE, and DASH will be going live shortly in Klever Swap.

4 New Blockchains Supported in Klever

Klever and ZelaaPay has joined in a partnership to unlock the power of crypto and blockchain all across the Middle East.

Klever.io (KLV), the 4th generation blockchain wallet ecosystem consisting of Klever App and TronWallet with over 1 million total users, and ZelaaPay.ae (ZPAE), one of the most prominent cryptocurrency platform in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have announced a 7-point partnership agreement.

The partnership includes adding the KLV token for purchase and sales on all ZelaaPay’s POS devices, ZPAE distribution to KLV holders, ZelaaPay token and service integration into the Klever App, ZPAE using Klever as its default wallet and promoting the usage of Klever throughout the Middle East among other cross-platform integrations.

The UAE is at the forefront of…

Klever.io (KLV), the 4th generation crypto wallet ecosystem with over 250k daily active users, and Travala.com (AVA), the crypto industry leader in travel bookings backed by exchange-giant Binance, have announced a strategic partnership between the two companies that entails four cross-platform integrations, including adding KLV as payment option for 2.2 million hotels and homes worldwide.

First, Klever will implement seamless integration of Travala.com into its built-in Web 3.0 browser, enabling all Klever users to book their travels, hotels and accommodations directly in the app. …

We at klever.io are happy to reveal our partnership with Cred to allow Klever App wallet users globally to lend and stake their Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX), Ethereum (ETH) and other top cryptocurrencies directly inside the Klever App, in return for high interest payments on their coins.

Klever and Cred, the California-based fintech lending firm, have partnered up to offer staking for high interests on BTC, TRX, ETH, USDT and other top cryptocurrencies inside the Klever App.

Klever, our newly launched 4th generation crypto wallet ecosystem with over 250,000 daily active users, has officially partnered with Cred, the industry leading crypto-backed lending and borrowing platform with customers in over 190 countries. We will jointly with Cred offer seamless in-app staking and interest to Klever’s global user base.

The developer teams…

The 4th generation crypto wallet Klever is now available for download on iOS & Android. Klever is built on the groundbreaking new Klever OS technology, and along with countless new features, upgrades, and improvements. In-app Staking of KLV token at 16% APR has now gone live to the public. Additionally, a completely new and upgraded website in klever.io has also been launched.

Klever App — What’s New?

Klever App is the 4th generation crypto wallet system developed and designed by the team behind TronWallet, and is an expanded and improved crypto wallet in every aspect of its features, services, use cases, speed, reliability, and underlying…

In case you missed Klever’s live AMA in our main telegram channel on August 27th, here is the full transcript. Dio discussed the August 28th official launch of Klever App, KLV token use cases, Klever Swap and Exchange, Klever OS, Klever Labs, the newly revealed Klever Bank and much more.

1. Firstly Dio, can you tell us a little about yourself, your background and the team behind Klever?

First of all, I would like to thank everyone here and our amazing community throughout the world, I love you and truly appreciate all of you. My name is Diogenes Ianakiara and…


Klever is a secure p2p crypto wallet and exchange for Bitcoin and Blockchain

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