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What makes TronWallet tick and build

The drive behind Tronwallet is a multidisciplinary team of builders, product managers, coaches, community managers and advisors, with a curious and ever learning mindset and unafraid of failing. What have we learnt so far to have a small chance to succeed?

  1. Focus on feedback from users, learn fast, create digital products that people love to use. Measure what makes sense, act on the data and your gut feeling. 100 000 user downloads can’t be wrong.

There is no better input to finding your product-market fit than having earlier users telling you where it is.

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2. Solve complex problems, simplify and save time for people — build something users love and use daily. Build fast, build what users want to use. Test and add new features fast, remove other features fast: keep it simple for users.

TronWallet Desktop

3. Use technology to scale lean and at a lower cost. React Native, aws, elastic and scalable Infra as code. Focus on finding Product-Market fit. Build, test ideas, move on. 37 weekly sprints and counting, 30 languages, used in over 90 countries, 24x7. Non-stop.

It might look like hard work to you. For us it feels like play: doing what we ❤️

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