🔥 Announcing TronWallet 2 🔥

TW2 new features and how to upgrade safely.

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Finally, the brand new TronWallet has been submitted to App stores.
Please stand by for your update in the coming days, as stores review and approve.

🔐 Please make BACK-UP of your 12-word seed SAFELY. Without this, you will NOT be able to restore your wallets should your phone get lost, stolen, malfunction or have to install a new TronWallet 🔐

TW2 will update your current TW1.3.x — It is NOT another App, it will replace your current TronWallet

NEW on TronWallet 2.0 :
✅ Complete new design, easier than ever! VIP badge
✅ Multi-token send — send different tokens in one operation
✅ Quick-access Slider on balance
✅ Import multiple accounts + Watch mode
✅ Live in-app chat support
✅ Share your Love: Referral engine — BETA
✅ Energy and Bandwidth display
✅ PERFORMANCE improvements: fastest TronWallet ever!
✅ Improved Push Notifications
✅ NEW Dapp browser Homepage and support for signing transactions 🔥

Please UPDATE as soon as available on your App store.

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