TronWallet Mobile — Sprint 27 Review

TronWallet Sprint Review — Week ending December 16th, 2018

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nother week goes by, one more sprint done! Check below the progress of our team, getting work for done for this week.

Work completed

  • Create TronWebview to trigger SmartContracts
  • Adapt API to only show valid Exchanges
  • Create ExchangeID index to make queries faster
  • Create custom DApp SDK to support contracts
  • Migrate go-tron to k8s
  • Create a k8s stateful set for TronWallet
  • Create a k8s stateful set for go-tron-mongo
  • Create k8s service account for go-tron-mongo
  • Create k8s deployment and services for go-tron-sync
  • Create a “fast” storage class to go-tron-mongo
  • Create k8s deployment and services for go-tron-api
  • Deploy a full-node using k8s
  • TronWalletSync — Get latest Exchanges Transactions by Id
  • Deploy TronWalletSync to enable endpoints for listing last 100 exchange price
  • Fix TronWalletSync find by hash not returning Array of length one
  • Troubleshooting go-tron fails and outages
  • Create documentation for integration with TronWallet Web Browser
  • Deploy WEB Dapp integration test environment
  • Create example WEB project to try Dapps integration through TronWallet

Currently Testing

  • Change the main tab-bar-menu
  • Add 30+ currencies
  • Signals and Notifications Screen
  • Create dockerfile to tronwallet-stream
  • Exchange APP — Lastest Transactions by ExchangeID
  • Exchange APP — Favorite System
  • Optional DEX Pin
  • Add support for more wallet types

Stay tuned and learn new developments as we progress another sprint and new features are added to TronWallet. Please reach out to us on Telegram and join the conversation.

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