TronWallet Rewards Update — May 2019

Current status, program updates and moving forward

Back in late February, we announced our brand new TronWallet Rewards program, which moved us from an in-app fee model to sharing model of the rewards received over the period of one month.

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Starting March 2019, the new TronWallet Rewards program was in place and during the first month, the total rewards reached over 1.7m TRX and 250K TWX, of which 50% were shared back to TWX and TWLT holders.

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The process of calculating monthly Rewards and distributing among qualifying holders soon became a challenge as it required developing new tools and automations. These tools are now in place as we finalize pending rewards and send out April rewards.

Program Update

For the period of May 2019, the following qualification criteria and conditions will apply for the monthly TronWallet Rewards:

  • Hold 1000 TWX or more
  • TRC20-only TWX tokens — (TRC10 TWX tokens holding do NOT qualify for rewards)
  • Snapshot will be taken during the last 7 days of the month

For TronWallet TWLT holders: no changes — 1 TWLT is equivalent to 300K TWX for reward calculation.

As we move forward and TronWallet users have surpassed 100 000 users, our objectives are very simple:

We believe this is the right time to update the program. Thank you for the support!

Please let us know your thoughts as we strive to improve this new program and make it better for our community and TWX / TWLT holders.

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